Construction Update - PHASE 3 & 4

The Board of Directors of Midwest Covenant Home is pleased to report that Phase 3, of the four phase project, of the nursing home remodel has begun. The west hall has been quite the project for planning and continues to create some challenges simply for the fact that it connects all of the rooms to the main part of the building, dining room and Chapel.

When you visit the facility, you will see how we have devised a temporary hallway to accommodate for the demolition and remodel of west hall. The temporary hallway has been constructed on the north portion of the west hall, which allows for everyone to pass from the main dining room, Chapel, Activity Room, etc to the resident rooms, Gathering Place and Prairie Creek Clinic access during the bulk of the west hall remodel. As part of this temporary hall construction, we also designed and built a temporary corner structure on the north side of the west hall, allowing west to be connected to the north hall, from what was once outside.

The interior of the south portion of the west hall will now be demolished and rebuilt with the new layout and room design. Once that portion is completed, the main hallway will, again, be opened and used, and the current temporary hallway will be remodeled. You would easily understand the plan if you saw it, but it is somewhat difficult to explain. Please stop by and check it out.

Completion of the west hall portion of the remodel is scheduled for August 2019, at which time we will then move residents from the north hall to whatever rooms are available, and then the north hall remodel will take place. The project is scheduled for full completion in May 2020, which will be here before we know it.

Staff greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these processes. The best news is that the new rooms of east hall and south hall have received strong positive feedback from residents, families and staff.

Click below for updates and photos of our construction project currently happening at our facility.

Construction Photos

For more information on this project or for those interested in making a financial gift towards the remodel project, please contact Chris Young, Administrator at (402) 764-2711 or email to


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